London-based start-up, Synthetik Mind is developing patented AI technologies including artificial precognition (AP) and intelligent data management for internet of things, autonomous and robotic systems, including:

  • Smart Cities
  • Driverless vehicles
  • Airborne drones
  • Spacecraft
  • Manufacturing plants

‘Cars generate data about how they are used, where they are, and who is behind the wheel. With greater proliferation of shared mobility, progress in powertrain electrification, car autonomy, and vehicle connectivity, the amount of data from vehicles will grow exponentially.’
Monetizing car data: new service business opportunities to create new customer benefits, McKinsey & Company Report, September 2016

Autonomous and connected cars generate around 4TB per day. Synthetik Mind's patented intelligent data management is an AI-On-A-Chip technology that turns car-generated data into valuable products and services for the automotive industry to sell to its customers


AP applies AI to automated control and optimisation systems. This is called adaptive (model) cognized control (APACC); a significant improvement on existing state-of-the-art predictive control systems.

Using very complex algorithms, APACC provides a significant level of inferential thinking and real-time communication. With the fusion of available sensors, applied to autonomous vehicles, for example, APACC provides the capability of "cognizing" the vehicle's surroundings giving a genuine 'perception' of the external environment. It goes far beyond what has until now been possible by going some way to toward mimicking the way humans use a combination of stored memories and sensory input to interpret events as they occur and anticipate (cognize) likely scenarios.

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